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Message from Carlos - June 2015

June 1, 2015

The Texas Legislature adjourned Sine Die on June 1st, the final day of the 140 day legislative session. Sine Die is the Latin phrase meaning “without day”, and in the tradition of the legislature means “without assigning a day for a further meeting or hearing”.

I think when the dust settles we will see that San Antonio, West Texas, and District 19 had a very productive legislative session. For the first time in 17 years, San Antonio and District 19 have a representative on the Senate Finance Committee.

There are many highlights during a legislative session, and although I publically praise legislation, and funding decisions—privately, the times I cherish most are the visits with my constituents in their state Capitol. Inspiring are the dozens of school groups from District 19 walking the majestic halls of state government for the first time, knowing that one day many of them could intern, work, or serve in those same halls.

Equally important are the seasoned county and city officials representing our mutual constituents back home. I host county and city days throughout the session, and recognize District 19 officials on the Senate floor. During these days, local officials spend the day meeting with government employees in the executive branch, and although tough at times, I try to set aside as much time on those days as I can to spend with my constituents.

Of the accomplishments I was able to achieve this session, it was the countless school groups I’ve met that made two of those successes special. There is no better reflection of our state’s priorities than the budget. The investment to make Texas A&M—San Antonio a standalone four-year institution is transformational for the Southside and for South Texas.

For the first time kids from San Antonio--Harlandale, McCollum, and even Lytle, Devine, Poteet, Pearsall, and Pleasanton can attend an A&M System school close to home. Securing this funding has the potential to improve the lives of entire families who have been priced out of a four-year degree. There is no doubt many of the children I met this session will enter Texas A&M—San Antonio as a freshman.

The second achievement I feel makes the legislative session a success is securing increases in child abuse prevention funding of $37 Million, for a total of $117.7 Million. I know that when Texas invests in prevention we save money, but more importantly--we save kid’s lives.

Now that we are “Sine Die”, I’m ready to get back to the district and catch up with my constituents, practice law, and most importantly--spend time with my family. Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can be of service.

Semper Fi!