Below is a list of helpful numbers and websites that will connect you with information and services in your community.

Links for Consumer Assistance

Texas Flag Request - (210) 932-2568
Details on what information is needed to request a Texas state flag from Senator Uresti can be found here as well as a form to submit a request. Please allow 3-5 business days for delivery of the flags once payment is received.

Renew Vehicle Registration - (210) 615-1776
Link to Texas Department of Motor Vehicles page, where drivers can choose to renew registration online by selecting their county and following the steps provided. Insurance and vehicle identification information is needed.

Order Driver Record - (512) 424-2600
Link to Texas Department of Public Safety Driver Records page, where licensed drivers can pay to print a record of their license status and past accidents and violations. Drivers must submit a separate request form to receive a copy by mail.

Renew Driver License or ID Card / Report Address Change - (512) 424-2600
Renew your driver license or ID or report a change of address online by following a brief multi-step process. To renew online (but not to change address), your last renewal must have been completed in person.

Order Vital Records - (512) 458-7366
The application provided in this link allows users to order birth or death certificates or verifications, as well as marriage and divorce verifications. Please allow 10-15 business days to process the order. This only applies to vital records in the state of Texas.

Pay CHIP Fee - 800-647-6558
Here you can pay the enrollment fee for the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) online. You will need your CHIP case number along with other personal information.

Pay Sales Tax - (210) 924-6434
Make an electronic payment for state sales tax to the Comptroller's office if you paid $10,000 or more in taxes in the last state fiscal year. You can also file a sales tax report online through WebFile.

Renew Concealed Handgun License - (512) 424-7293
Renew a license for a concealed handgun through the Department of Public Safety. New users may also register here. You will need personal information including a driver's license / ID card and social security number.

Child / Elder Abuse Reporting - 800-252-5400
Report concerns about abuse, neglect, or exploitation of children, disabled adults, and those 65 and over. Please call 911 if reporting an emergency situation.

Nursing Home Complaints - 800-458-9858
Administered by the Department of Aging and Disability Services. Report abuse by or lodge a complaint about a service provider.

Texas State Affordable Housing Corporation - 888-638-3555
TSAHC's programs target the housing needs of low-income families and other underserved populations in Texas who do not have acceptable housing options through conventional financial channels. All TSAHC programs are offered statewide, with special attention given to rural areas and other select target areas.

Texas Youth Hotline - 800-210-2278
Telephone counselors are available to help youth and their family members work through problems to find feasible solutions.

Runaway Hotline - 888-580-HELP (4357)

Texas 2-1-1 (United Way) - 2-1-1
Call this number if you need help finding the correct services for your particular need.

Links to Agencies and Organizations

Texas Legislature Online
Link to the Texas legislature home page, where you can find information on all members of the legislature, committees, proposed legislation, and current laws and administrative rules. You can use this site to keep track of bills as they move through the legislative process.

Texas Senate
Learn about all members of the Texas Senate, the committees they sit on, and the roles of Senate administrative offices and their employees. You can view video from completed Senate sessions, find committee hearing dates, and read about the Senate's current activities.

Texas House of Representatives
Learn about all members of the Texas House and the committees they sit on, and read about how the House functions. View video from past sessions and committee meetings and upcoming schedules for all House activities, or find your representative.

Office of the Governor - 800-843-5789
Find updates on recent events and activities involving the governor's office, read about the governor, and research all offices and organizations falling under the governor's oversight.

Office of the Attorney General - 800-252-8011
Learn about the current activities of the Texas attorney general and the assigned functions of the position, and read about the important issues and concerns the office combats.

Child Support Enforcement - 800-252-8014
Consumer Protection - 800-621-0508
Crime Victim Compensation - 800-983-9933
Employee Rights - 800-832-2829

Blue Ribbon Task Force - (512) 463-0119
Created by Senator Uresti during the 81st Texas legislature, the Blue Ribbon Task Force works to protect children from abuse and neglect and promote their best interests. Read about the important initiatives it has undertaken and learn about its members.

Children's Health Insurance (CHIP) - 800-647-6558
Call the toll-free number or visit the website to learn about the benefits of this program and whether your child is eligible to enroll in it. To pay CHIP fees, follow the link provided in the "Consumer Assistance" section above.

Health and Human Services Commission - 877-541-7905
Responsible for all issues covering health care and living assistance to citizens and administering state-supported medical care programs; you can learn about what it does, the latest news on its services, and whether you qualify for benefits.

HIV / STD Information - 800-299-2437
Medicare Information - 800-633-4227

Medicaid, Food Stamps, and TANF
Learn what level of benefits you qualify for within these critical programs and apply for those benefits online here. Also use this site to check the status of your application.

Medicaid Information - 800-252-8263

Texas Education Agency - (512) 463-9734
Get all information on the Texas school system, including funding, the curriculum and standards for teaching and learning. Find your school district, information on teacher certification, and the latest news surrounding the educational community.

Texas Department of Transportation - 800-558-9368
Learn about current transportation projects, road conditions throughout the state, important information affecting travel, and read about the agency's duties and how it can help you with transportation-related concerns.

Texas Parks & Wildlife Department - 800-792-1112
Information on all state parks in Texas, as well as matters related to fishing, boating, hunting, and other outdoor activities. Also provides facts on wildlife and land use.

Texas Veterans Commission - 800-252-VETS (8387)
Helps Texas veterans and their spouses / dependents learn about available benefits, aids veterans in the job search process, and provides updates on veterans' issues.

Texas Workforce Commission - 800-558-8321
Helps Texans look for jobs, obtain unemployment benefits, process wage claims, and find workforce training. It also helps businesses to find employees.

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs - 800-827-1000
Provides a wide range of services to veterans at the national level. It is a great resource for questions or problems that cannot be adequately handled at the state level.



An internship is a wonderful way to learn about and experience the Texas Legislature and the state legislative process. My office accepts qualified high school, undergraduate, and graduate students for internships, on a full-time or part-time basis, throughout the year.

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